Roga is the fusion of run and yoga – roga.

It´s a modern exercise style, which is designed especially for runners. These styles look different at the first sight and they also have different elements, but they complement each other.

Roga is made by two phases, running and yoga. The first running part is focused on precise pre-work out followed by running. The distance depends on the runner, it can be from three to five kilometers. This part is led by a professional coach, which is taking care of the proper running technique and the whole work out.

The second part is yoga, which is led by a professional yoga lector. It contains a series of exercises, which are focused on building your inner strenght. The main aim of this lesson is to work out on problematic running parts, such as back, lumbar joints and knees through yoga poses (asanas).

This lesson is suitable for runners, who want to improve their inner stability (core exercises), strenght and persistence. The runner will learn flexibility in the yoga part, which he/she can use in the future as a prevention before injuries. The breathing exercises will help to maintain clean mind during running.

For who is roga suitable?

Completely for everyone. If running seems monotonous to you, or you suffer even when you have to run to take a bus, but you would like to start moving more. On the other hand, if you need something more aerobic or dynamic, or you just are bored on basic yoga lessons and would like to spice it up = in roga everybody will find what they want.

Roga has many other advantages, because during running you are spending time outside with fresh air and during any weather conditions, so you are also improving your immunity. The yoga part can be done outside too, when the weather is nice. This also brings you pleasant feelings and joy from exercising.