Flow yoga is a dynamic style of yoga, where is practised elegant movement from one pose to another in rhythm and breathing: Flow yoga looks like a noble and gentle dance. Every movement into the pose, as same as the movement from it is focused on the proper body posture and connected with breathing, which is in the spotlight. The aim of flow yoga is to create sequences, sets and choreography. Each pose can be created in the breathing rhythm or a longer endurance in the position. Although flow yoga looks very easy on the first sight, it´s quite the opposite. It´s good to know basic yoga before practising and also to know the basic breathing and technical poses. This style is considered intermediate.

A lesson of flow yoga starts with gentle movements to warm the body and continues to poses and connecting them into more advanced sequences. Flow yoga is a very variable way into yoga practise. The lector chooses the difficulty on the lesson. You can practise basic or more advanced poses, easy or difficult transitions between them, short or long endurances in the poses. During the lesson the breath is maintaining your body temperature, calms the heart and deepens the mind concentration, which tends to slip during excercising. With the proper breathing we are calming it down and aim it to yoga practise.

Go with a flow: Let yourself get carried deeper into your yoga practise

Lector: Adriana Seidler


Mixed yoga comes from the dynamic principle of power yoga with added ashtanga and hatha yoga components. The lector gives more variations of the poses, so the begginers and intermediate customers can choose what they prefer (but it´s necessary to know the sequence of sun greeting and basic asanas)

Lector: Ľudka Kunová


Creative yoga will bring you a true joy from exercising. Each lecture is unique and brings something new. It combines elements from work out and stretching in fluent transitions. This lesson is suitable for slightly intermediate customers, who are familiar with basic asanas and they want to push their own limits further.

Lector: Lucia Kunová


Core yoga is an exercise focused on strenghting the body core, which consists of diaphragm, pelvic muscles, deep stomach muscles and back muscles.

The lesson is suitable for anyone who feels like they need to strenghten their belly and has fat rolls around their waist. It´s also good as a prevention or for people who want to prevent back and lover back aches.

Lector: Lívia Valnohová


Hatha yoga is a slow system of yoga, which harmonizes and cleanses the body, fastens its regeneration and heals it. Yoga poses (asanas) are done in a slower tempo. They are connected to breathing and harmonizing the body and the mind with maintaining physical and mental harmony. This lesson is also suitable for begginers.

Lector: Danka Góňová, Lu Crhová


Yin yoga is a static exercise, which means that we practise it without using strenght. Therapeutically it focuses mainly on connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, joints, bones…) In each pose we stay for three to five minutes.

By practising yin yoga we are training the immune system and we eliminate stress, headaches and bring more energy to life.

It´s also a way to detoxicate the organism.

This lesson is suitable as a complement to other sport activities.

Lector: Danka Góňová

Power yoga course for begginers

This lesson is for everyone, who wants to exercise with a good technique and practise basic power yoga poses with their transitions. We work in a closed group and the lessons follow one another. This course needs to be notified before it´s happening. It consists of 10 lessons, one each week.

Lector: Lu Crhová, Lucia Kunová

Healthy back course

Did you know, that beside physical factors, stress has a major impact on your back?

Physical work can be very dangeours, when you always overstain specific muscles or you have a sedentary job with the combination of bad body posture, but also stress and unbalanced mental state can cause back pain.

When you want to prevent these back pains, we are offering you this healthy back course. It´s provided under the studied yoga lector in the Power yoga Academy Slovakia. This course contains 10 lessons with exercises focused on proper body posture, working out the belly and back muscles and their stretching combined with good breathing.

Lector: Lu Crhová


MOVEMENT & PILATES is a combination of pilates exercises, strength elements aimed mainly at strengthening the core and the yoga asanas.
Each lesson consists of a short warm-up, a dynamic part with strength exercises mostly with its own weight and is finished with a static part – stretching and relaxation.
The lesson is designed for all who want to exercise the whole body, build strength and flexibility at the same time, calm the mind and improve their health.