Who are we?

Arena opened its doors in 1999. The aim was to create a platform for healthy lifestyle in Nitra with exercising and an alternative for the only ,,aerobic“ studio there. We started with aerobic and our exercise was mainly focused on the physical side and forming the ideal body through hard work. With this approach we caught the attention of all age generations, from little children in kids aerobic, to people with excess weight, pregnant women, sportsmen, etc. Primary its focused for wide sport clientele, which found joy and relax in exercising (with the bonus of shaping their bodies).

We quickly became the most popular aerobic place in Nitra, because we provided something new and cool.

Over time the customers suggested, that they want something more. They expected more from us, not only hard work in the form of physical activity, but they longed for something what we today call the Body and Mind exercise. It´s an exercise which connects body and mind and causes you relaxation and rest. We gradually started this trend and were the first Yoga studio in Nitra. With complete modesty we may say, that we are still the trend-setters.

We´ve learned our customers to see yoga as a lifestyle, as something, that will cause them joy after the exercise lesson. We´ve learned them to feel better, to bend and to be more flexible. The most important part is to learn them how to breathe during the exercise. Our customers will find what they want and what they crave for in the fusion of breath and movement.

Yoga isn´t just a physical exercise in our eyes, where after the lesson we check how much calories we´ve lost, measure our hips or jump at the weight. No. We did this in our aerobic begginings in Arena. We are not a fitness center, nor boot camp. We practise and exercise yoga in its full beauty.


We provide different yoga exercise styles. We truly want everyone to pick what they like and what they enjoy. Nevertheless, all of us are different … 🙂 You can find power yoga, relax yoga, dynamic yoga and slow yoga. Within the Body and Mind exercise we´ve begun providing Pilates.

We are trying to focus on the full yoga cycle, from courses, where we teach people the basic yoga poses to more complicated asanas, which we connect to the rhythm of our breathing. Every one who will visit us will for sure find their own yoga lesson.

Arena has built and still continues to do so with its love towards yoga, thanks to the approach of every employer and yoga teacher, thanks to the feeling for a good cause and also thanks to understanding the customers needs more than anyone else. Afterall, the customers have decided that we are here since 1999 and we will continue to give joy and laugh in the future too.

Will you join us?

We are looking forward to your visit and believe, that you will happily come to us again.


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Adriana Seidlerová

She is the the former Slovakia representative in sport aerobic. (Triple champion of Slovakia and World vice champion in the trio category.)
- teacher training in Poweryoga Akademie Slovakia in I., II. and III. degree
- teacher training vinyasa flow poweryoga
- owner of the hatha yoga for fitness certificate
- PortDeBras – Basic Level Sessions
- PortDeBras – Intermediate Level Sessions
- owner of the fitball diploma – fitball in rehabilitation and fitness
- owner of the firball diploma – Pilates on the ball
- Slovakia representative in sport aerobic (1997 - 1999)
- second place on the World Championship in sport aerobic held in Los Angeles

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