Maa Anandi

My yoga name is Maa Anandi, which was allotted to me by Swami Dr. Om Anand – Guruju. Maa means mother or creator and Anandi means bliss – a state of a perfect happiness. Maa Anandi is the creator of bliss.

Since 2008 I´ve added to my traditional exercise other styles of body and mind. From that time they have been more than just exercise. Dancing, which is a part of the Portdebras exercise, filled me with joy. Yoga became a philosophy to me, an art and a tool to improve my physical and mental immunity.

As a certificated lector in Poweryoga Academy Slovakia I am organizing many yoga events. I work with important and famous yoga teachers in Slovakia, but also abroad. I share my education and experience with years of practise not only on Slovak, but also foreign yoga stays and workshops to my lectors and hunders of exercises. We meet daily and they daily visit my centre. Just now I´ve started to work in Bratislava, where I lead Flow Yoga lessons.

I couldn´t be a lector and propagator of yoga in Nitra, Bratislava and much more without love, soulfullness and persistence.

– teacher training in Poweryoga Akademie Slovakia in I., II. and III. degree
– teacher training vinyasa flow poweryoga
– owner of the hatha yoga for fitness certificate
– PortDeBras – Basic Level Sessions
– PortDeBras – Intermediate Level Sessions
– owner of the fitball diploma – fitball in rehabilitation and fitness
– owner of the firball diploma – Pilates on the ball
– Slovakia representative in sport aerobic (1997 – 1999)
– second place on the World Championship in sport aerobic held in Los Angeles